Chester Machine Tools have one of the largest and wide ranging selection of lathes available on the market. These range from small 3" swing Hobby machines right through to 3 metre swing oil country lathes. From the very beginning of the company Chester have always ensured that the machines are built to high standards. All machines are made from cast iron and quality checked throughout production. To provide you, the user with the optimum machine Chester have a good understanding of machine tools and their environments, which is based upon 20+years of experience in the machine tool industry of distributing and installing machine tools all over the UK and Overseas. 
920 Lathe
£749.00 inc VAT
DB7VS Lathe
£769.00 inc VAT
DB8VS Lathe
£999.00 inc VAT
DB10 Super Lathe
£1,179.00 inc VAT
Centurion 3 in 1 Machine
£1,484.00 inc VAT
DB11GVS Lathe
£1,687.00 inc VAT
Craftsman Lathe
£2,359.50 inc VAT
Crusader Lathe
£2,965.00 inc VAT
Crusader Lathe Deluxe
£3,298.91 inc VAT