DB10 Super Lathe
DB10 Super Lathe

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DB10 Super Lathe

Stock Code: LAT-DB10V-SPO-M

MT2 Live Centre
1-13mm Drill Chuck and Arbor
5pc 12mm Indexable Lathe Tool Set
DB10 Machine stand

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Distance between Centres 550mm
Swing over Bed 250mm
Swing over Cross Slide 140mm
Width of Bed 135mm
Taper of Spindle Bore MT3
Spindle Bore 21mm
Range of Spindle Speeds 100~2000rpm
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.06-0.4mm/r
Range of Metric Threads 0.5-2.5mm
Top Slide Travel 70mm
Cross Slide Travel 100mm
Tail Stock Quill Travel 65mm
Taper of Tail stock Quill MT2
Motor 0.75kW (1hp)
Weight 160kg

  • Powered cross feed
  • Open/closed gear box
  • Offset tail stock
  • Variable spindle speed
  • Longitudinal power feed
Please Note: These machines are not rated for continuous use in an industrial working environment.


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Reviewer: Ray Ely   5 Stars
I bought a Conquest lathe from Chester around 10 years ago, but that lacks the rigidity for a lot of the work i need to do - I bought a chaster student from ebay which had more than enough backbone, but was too worn for precision. On looking around for a compromise I decided to give Chester another go, and found their on-line chat facility very hepful, and decided to risk buying one of these DB10'S - I pted for the closed gear box after chating to their sales engineer. It turned up within the week, and had very little wrong with it (the tailstock set screws had shaken loose but adjusting these is covered in the manual), it required a lot of degreasing (and regreasing), but cuts everything I've tried to a quality that I find surprising (excellent surface finish on stainless steel even). The gear levers are useful for surfacing and for screwcutting, though the range of threads using the levers is quite limited for any set of change wheels (though changing the gear wheels is very straight forward compared to the Conquest due to the superior quality of the steel gears). Overall the machine is excellent, offering power feed in x and y, electronic speed control, covered lead screw, cam-action tail stock locking, amd a host of accessories such as fixed and travelling steadies, face plate, four jaw and three jaw chucks and centres for headstock and tailstock. (luckily the tapers allow me to use tooling I've already got for my conquest and my mini mill). The machine is surprisingly hard to move (we had to buy a block and tackle to get it on the bench - an engine hoist would have worked too), it might be hard to get into a back garden shed! One minor gripe: I managed to stall the motor making a deep cut using a parting tool - this immediately blew one of the fuses( 8 amp fast blowing 250 V 20mm , low breaking - F8A250VL) Spares aren't provided, I'd recommend buying a few from Farnell who stock them at around 12p each, it would have been useful if a couple were included in the tool kit (which DOES include pretty much all of the tools and spares needed to use and service the machine) Definitely five Stars for the precision and ease of use offered by this machine's rigidity and refined features, totally surprising at this price.