178 Bandsaw

£1,330.00 inc. VAT

A precision metal cutting bandsaw with adjustable hydraulic down feed of bow.

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A quality robust bandsaw, the 178 features coolant system and vice can swivel for mitre cutting.

Easy to operate, with wheeled base making it ideal to use in your workshop.

Cutting capacity 0°
Square178 x 178mm
Rectangular178 x 305mm
Cutting capacity 45°
Square120 x 120mm
Rectangular120 x 125mm
Bundle cutting capacity178 x 305mm
Blade Dimensions19 x 0.9 x 2362mm
Motor0.75kw (1 hp)
Table height550mm
Dimensions1250 x 510 x 1140mm
  • Vice can swivel for mitre cutting
  • Adjustable hydraulic down feed of bow
  • Coolant system
  • Quick action vice
  • Material length stop

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