Threaded Back Plates

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Lathe chuck backplate. Suitable for a selection of our lathes.

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Our threaded back plates are ideal for use with lathe chucks. Precise highly accurate back plates available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

DiameterSpindle ThreadsChuck SpigotMounting ScrewsPCD of ScrewsFits Machine
100mm40 x 4mm23mm85mm920 lathe / 100mm 3 jaw
100mm40 x 4mm24mm85mm920 lathe / 100mm 4 jaw
125mm40 x 4mm920 lathe / 125mm 3 jaw
125mm40 x 4mmundrilled920 lathe / 125mm
160mm2 1/4" x 8tpi130mm3142mmCraftsman lathe / 160mm 3 jaw
160mm2 1/4" x 8tpi130mm4142mmCraftsman lathe / 160mm 4 jaw
200mm2 1/4" x 8tpi165mm3180mmCraftsman lathe / 200mm 3 jaw
200mm2 1/4" x 8tpi165mm4180mmCraftsman lathe / 200mm 4 jaw